Anguttara Nikaya

AN 9.2 Meghiya Sutta: Monk Meghiya

What should we do to prepare the mind for wisdom?

At one time the Buddha was living in the city of Cālikā, on the Cālikā mountain. Those days, the monk Meghiya was the Buddha’s attendant. Then monk Meghiya went up to the Buddha, bowed respectfully, stood to one side, and said to the Buddha, “Bhante, I’d like to go to Jantu village for alms.” “Meghiya, […]

Questions for Reflection:

The Supreme Buddha said, They should develop the perception of ugliness to give up greed, love to give up hate, mindfulness of breathing to cut off unwanted thinking, and perception of impermanence to uproot the conceit "I am."

What have you done when your mind was overcome with gree, hate, unwanted thinking, and conceit?