Can anyone read the suttas?

Absolutely! Anyone with a sincere interest in learning what the Supreme Buddha taught can do so by reading the suttas. On they have been translated into simple, straightforward language so the meaning can go to our hearts.

Of course anytime we are learning something new we may run into words or concepts that are unfamiliar. That’s why we have added explanations as popups for things you might not be familiar with. For example you may not have ever thought of yourself as a lay person or seen monks going on alms round. Words like that with a dotted underline can be tapped on to give you a brief explanation so you can understand and get back quickly to your reading.

As well, you may not always get the whole meaning of a passage or a sutta at first. That’s not a problem! The Buddha’s teachings are deep and cover topics that we may not have spent a lot of time thinking about. We should never be worried that we don’t understand things right away.

If you want to learn more about a topic you find in a sutta, try clicking on the three bar menu at the bottom and click on the topic buttons if they are any, or go directly to the topic index to explore.

If you have specific questions about something you have read, click on the three bar menu at the bottom of the sutta and you will see a button for submitting a question. The Buddha taught that our wisdom increases by asking good questions.