How to Find a Sutta

With over 18,000 discourses, finding the sutta we want can often be a challenge. Here are some tips, although in some cases you may just need to ask a friend to help you find it.

Popular Suttas

Since there are some very popular suttas that are difficult to find, we have created a category called Popular Suttas. You can find that link on the home page or at the bottom of every page.

Website Search Feature

Clicking on the search icon will allow you to type in the name of the sutta in Pali or English. For the Pali, you don’t need to type the lines and dots on the letters, but you do need to get close.

If you are sure of the name but still can’t find it, you could try doing a Google search and in that way finding the citation (see below).


There are three indexes on

  • Topics: What the sutta is about.
  • People: Important people in the sutta (excluding the Buddha himself—he is in too many to index.) We also have a Popular People page that limits itself to people who appear frequently in the suttas.
  • Similes: When something is being compared to something else to teach a quality, like the simile of the arrows smeared with poison.

You can access the indexes through the menu or at the bottom of every page.

By Citation

If you have the citation, you can simply click on the book with the proper abbreviation and then look for the sutta number. For example, if you are looking for MN 10, click on Majjhima Nikāya and then look for sutta 10.

Still no luck?

Sometimes the sutta you are looking for is not yet on the website. And sometimes even using all these methods won’t work. You can contact and we will try to help you get what you are looking for.