Thag 13.1 The Verses of Arahant Soṇa (632-644)

632. He was a member of the ruling government who worked for the king of Aṅga. Those days he was very powerful. His name is Soṇa. Today he is also very powerful, but in the Dhamma. He has crossed over all suffering. 633. One should cut off five [lower fetters]. One should abandon five [higher […]


Thig 5.8 The Verses of Arahant Nun Soṇā (102-106)

102. Because of having this body, I had to give birth to ten children. This made me very weak and aged. Finally, I approached a certain nun. 103. She taught me the Dhamma about aggregates, elements and sense bases. I took to heart the Dhamma taught by that nun. Shaving off my hair, I became […]