ItivuttakaItv 25 Sampajāna Musāvāda Sutta

The Buddha explains how a person who isn't truthful has no evil deed they cannot do.

This discourse was taught by the Blessed One, taught by the Arahant, the fully enlightened Supreme Buddha. This is as I heard:

“Monks, for the person who transgresses in one thing, I tell you, there is no evil deed whatsoever he would not do. What is that one thing? It is, monks, telling a deliberate lie.”

This is the meaning of what the Blessed One said. So, with regard to this, it was said:

For the person who lies, transgressing in this one thing—truthfulness, who has lost happiness in the next life, there is no evil he cannot do.

This, too, is the meaning of what was said by the Blessed One. This is exactly as I heard.

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Itivuttaka 25 Sampajāna Musāvāda Sutta: Lying

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