ItivuttakaItv 55 Dutiya Esanā Sutta
Search 2

The Buddha explains the three types of searches and how a liberated monk has relinquished those searches.

This discourse was taught by the Blessed One, taught by the Arahant, the fully enlightened Supreme Buddha. This is as I heard:

“Monks, there are three searches. What three? The search for sensuality, the search for existence, and the search for a holy life. Monks, these are the three searches.”

This is the meaning of what the Blessed One said. So, with regard to this, it was said:

The sensuality-search, the existence-search, and the holy life-search are the three searches for one who takes his stand upon a view and holds it tightly as the truth.

The liberated monk who is detached from all passion, who is liberated from suffering through the destruction of craving, has relinquished searches. He has uprooted the standpoint of views. Since he has destroyed searches, he is freed from desire and is also freed from doubt as to “how is it?”, “how is it?”

This, too, is the meaning of what was said by the Blessed One. This is exactly as I heard.

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Itivuttaka 55 Dutiya Esanā Sutta: Search 2

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