ItivuttakaItv 63 Addhā Sutta

The Buddha explains the three times and how people mistakenly think things are non-decaying.

This discourse was taught by the Blessed One, taught by the Arahant, the fully enlightened Supreme Buddha. This is as I heard,

“Monks, there are three times: What three? Past time, future time, and present time. Monks, these are the three times.”

This is the meaning of what the Blessed One said. So, with regard to this, it was said:

People mistakenly think that things in the world are non-decaying. They are enveloped in that misunderstanding. Since they do not understand the decaying nature of everything, they are captured by the bondage of Māra, again and again.

The one who fully understands the decaying nature of everything does not regard mistakenly, “This person who speaks now is I am, mine, myself.” It is because he has touched the supreme state of peace, Nibbāna, with his mind.

He has indeed understood the five groups of clinging and with a peaceful mind, he delights in the peaceful Nibbāna. He is well-established in the Dhamma, has destroyed craving, and has attained the ultimate knowledge. Therefore, he does not fall into any status such as gods, humans, etc.

This, too, is the meaning of what was said by the Blessed One. This is exactly as I heard.

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Itivuttaka 63 Addhā Sutta: Time

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