Peta Vatthu

Peta VatthuPv 2.12 Kaṇṇamuṇḍa Sutta
The Dog with the Torn Ears

A ghost explains the severity of sexual misconduct.

A king sees a female ghost and says,


In your wonderful garden there are golden stairs. Golden colored sand is spread all over the garden. There are lovely, sweet smelling white water lilies in the pond. There are various kinds of trees in the garden. The garden is covered by the sweet smell of flowers. Swans, herons, geese, and various other birds sing throughout the garden. The trees are full of sweet fruits.

A garden as beautiful as this could not be found anywhere in the human world. These beautiful mansions are made of gold and silver which shines in all directions. There are five hundred divine servants for you. They wear golden bracelets and bangles. There are many beds made of silver and gold covered with comfortable mattresses. You enjoy happiness resting on them.

But surprisingly, you wake up in the middle of the night and go to the garden pond. You are sitting on the bank. Oh, sadly, a dog with torn ears comes to you and eats your flesh until you become a skeleton. Then you go into the pond and your body returns back to normal.

With your body back to normal, you put on beautiful clothes and come to me. What evil deed did you do by body, speech, or mind that a dog to eats your flesh every night?


In the city of Kimbila there was a male lay disciple of the Buddha; I was his wife. I was very evil and unvirtuous. I committed sexual misconduct. Having seen my bad character, my husband said to me, “You cheated on me. It is not good for you.” When he said this to me, I lied and swore an oath saying, “Oh no! I have not been disloyal to you in body or thought. If I have done bad things, may a dog with torn ears eat my flesh.” As a result of my bad action and lie, I have been eaten by a dog with torn ears for seven hundred years.

Great king, by having come here, you have helped me very much. I am freed from the dog and have no fear or sorrow. Great king, I pay respect to you, putting my hands together, I beg you to come here to enjoy divine sensual pleasures with me.


My dear, I have already enjoyed divine pleasures with you, now please take me back to my city quickly.

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Peta Vatthu 2.12 Kaṇṇamuṇḍa Sutta: The Dog with the Torn Ears

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