Peta Vatthu

Peta VatthuPv 4.12 Ambarukkha Sutta
The Mango Ghost

What happens when you share merits with your past relatives?

A group of traders see a ghost and ask about his beautiful park.


This lotus pond of yours is extremely delightful. It has beautiful, even banks; it is full of water; flowers are everywhere, and bees can be heard buzzing all around. How did you gain this beautiful pond?

This mango park of yours is also very beautiful and mangoes grow all year round. The trees are covered in flowers and bees can be heard buzzing everywhere. How did you gain this delightful mango park?


My daughter is in the human world right now. She offered mangos, water, and rice gruel to the Buddha and the monks and shared the merit with me. That is how this pond, Mango Park, and cool shade appeared for me.

Later on the daughter finds out about the result of her merit and tells her son,


Understand the good results of giving, living a life of restraint, and following precepts. I was a servant in my master’s family, then I became the daughter-in-law of the same family. Now I have become the mistress of the house. This is all the result of doing good deeds.

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Peta Vatthu 4.12 Ambarukkha Sutta: The Mango Ghost

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