TheragāthāThag 14.1
The Verses of Arahant Khadiravaniya Revata (645-658)

645. From the day I became a monk, abandoning the home life, until now I don’t recall having any thoughts of hatred in my mind.

646. For this long period of time I have not been aware of having even a slight intention such as, “may these beings be killed, may they be slaughtered, may they come to harm.”

647. I have been fully aware of practicing loving-kindness meditation very well, immeasurably, gradually and exactly as taught by the Supreme Buddha.

648. I develop a mind of loving kindness toward friends, acquaintances and all beings, always delighting in non-harming.

649. Truly, rapture is generated by immoveable and unshakeable-loving kindness. Foolish people don’t practice this. But I practice all four divine abiding meditations.

650. The monk, the disciple of the Supreme Buddha, calls that Jhāna which is devoid of thoughts noble silence. That monk attains that Jhāna.

651. Just as a rocky mountain is unmoveable and firm, the monk who removed completely delusion is like a mountain. He does not tremble.

652. To a person who lives without evil and always seeks purity, a hair’s tip measure of fault seems as if it is the size of a big cloud.

653. Just as a city is well guarded inside and out, so you should guard yourselves without letting your life follow the wrong way. Don’t miss this great opportunity.

654. I don’t desire death nor do I desire to live. Like a person who is waiting for his monthly salary, I am awaiting my time to attain final extinguishing at passing away.

655. I don’t desire death, I don’t desire life, with clear mindfulness and wise awareness I am awaiting the day to attain final extinguishing at passing away.

656. The Great Teacher’s instruction has been respectfully followed by me. The Buddha’s path has been fully followed by me. I lowered the heavy load of defilements. I rooted out the fetters of existence.

657. I became a monk with the wish to achieve one goal. That, I have achieved. I have cut all fetters.

658. Therefore, dear people, this is my only advice to you: practice the path to Nibbāna diligently. I will absolutely attain final extinguishing at passing away. I am liberated from all suffering.

These verses were said by Arahant Khadiravaniya Revata.

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Theragāthā 14.1: The Verses of Arahant Khadiravaniya Revata (645-658)

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