UdānaUd 1.5 Thera Sutta
The Liberated Ones

How does one become a brāhmin?

This is as I heard from the Blessed One. At one time the Blessed One was staying in the province of Sāvatthī, at Jeta’s garden, in Anāthapiṇdika’s monastery. That day, Arahant Sāriputta, Arahant Mahā Moggallāna, Arahant Mahā Kassapa, Arahant Mahā Kaccāyana, Arahant Mahā Koṭṭhata, Arahant Mahā Kappina, Arahant Mahā Cunda, Arahant Anuruddha, Arahant Revata and Arahant Nanda were approaching the Blessed One. Seeing those liberated monks coming in the distance the Blessed One told the monks who were with him, “Oh monks, there comes Brāhmins, oh monks, there comes Brāhmins.”

At that time, a certain monk who was from the Brāhmin clan asked the Blessed One,” Oh Blessed One, how does one become a Brāhmin? What are the qualities that make one a Brāhmin? “

 Then, the Blessed One who realised the true nature as it really is spoke the following inspired verse,

Those who have discarded all evil, live always with clear mindfulness, have destroyed the bonds of rebirths, and have realised the four noble truths are truly Brāhmins in the world.

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Udāna 1.5 Thera Sutta: The Liberated Ones

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