UdānaUd 2.5 Upasaka Sutta
Male Lay Follower

When a follower finally arrives to see the Buddha after being busy, the Buddha speaks an inspired verse.

This is as I heard from the Blessed One. At one time the Blessed One was staying in the province of Sāvatthī, in Jeta’s park, at Anathapindika’s monastery.

One day, a certain lay follower from Icchānangala village, arrived in the province of Sāvatthī on some business affairs. Having settled his affairs, he approached the Blessed One, paid homage to him and sat down to one side. As he was sitting there, the Blessed One asked him, “Dear lay follower, you have finally come after a long time?”

The man replied, “Bhante, for a long time, I have wanted to come and see the Blessed One, but being involved with various affairs of business, I have not been able to do so.”

Then, on realizing the peace of a simple life, the Blessed One spoke the following inspired verse:

“The liberated monk who is well versed in the Dhamma doesn’t experience any stress. He experiences only bliss. See how people with defilements suffer due to their defilements. Ordinary people are in the nature of being bound to other people.”

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Udāna 2.5 Upasaka Sutta: Male Lay Follower

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