Vimana Vatthu

Vimāna VatthuVv 1.15 Uttarā Sutta
Uttara’s Mansion

Living a restrained life, keeping the precepts, and being generous will only bring good results.

Moggallana Bhante:

Devata, your beauty shines in all directions like the bright star named Osadhi.

What are the meritorious deeds that led to this happiness?

Tell me Devata, what kind of meritorious action did you do when you were in the human world to have gained this beauty that shines in all directions, and to have earned all these wonderful things?

That devata, delighted at being questioned by Arahant Moggallana, gladly explained what she had done that resulted in such great happiness.


In my previous life, I was a housewife in the human world. I did not envy anyone. I was not greedy, nor was I arrogant. I was obedient to my husband and did not get angry at him. I was eager to observe the Eight Precepts four times a month on each of the four moon phases. I led a restrained life and was very generous.

I abstained from killing, stealing, lying, and taking intoxicants. I did not cheat on my husband. I was delighted to keep these Five Precepts every day. I was a lay follower of Gautama Supreme Buddha who had the great wisdom to see the reality of the world. I was wise enough to realize the Four Noble Truths.

Because of my virtuous life and meritorious deeds, I live very happily here. I have been born as a beautiful devata and enjoy all the wonderful things that delight my heart.

Great Bhante, those were the meritorious deeds I did to have such a beautiful body that shines in all directions.

Please Bhante, pay homage on my behalf by placing your head on the Blessed One’s sacred feet and saying, “Bhante, the lay follower named Uttara pays homage by placing her head on the Blessed One’s sacred feet.” The Blessed One stated that I have attained a certain fruit of enlightenment. I too know that.

Bhante, the Supreme Buddha declared that I have attained the fruit of once returner.

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Vimāna Vatthu 1.15 Uttarā Sutta: Uttara’s Mansion

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