Vimana Vatthu

Vimāna VatthuVv 3.2 Lacchudāyikā Sutta
Sugar-Cane Mansion

Offering even a small piece of sugar cane can bring much happiness.

Moggallana Bhante:

Devata, you shine like the sun which illuminates the sky and the earth. You shine like a great Brahma who shines brighter than Sakka and the Tavatimsa devas. You surpass others with your beauty, fame, and power.

Devata, you wear blue lotus garlands, your skin is the color of gold, and you wear beautiful dresses. Now that you are worshiping me, I ask you, who are you?

What kind of meritorious action did you do in the past? Did you practice generosity well, or follow the precepts? How have you been born in this heaven? What action have you done to earn this result?


Bhante, in this same village which we are in right now, you came to our house on your almsround. I was pleased to see you. I offered you a small piece of sugar-cane with a delighted heart.

Later, when my mother-in-law came home, she asked me, “Daughter-in-law, where did you put my sugar-cane?” I told her, “I neither threw it away nor ate it. I offered it to a peaceful monk.” My mother-in-law got very angry. Scolding me she said, “Hey! Are you the owner of this house or am I? Who makes the decisions here?” She hit me with a chair and I died instantly. I was reborn as a devata in this heaven.

That was the meritorious action I did. This is how I enjoy this divine happiness surrounded by gods. The god Sakka protects the Tavatimsa Heaven and the Tavatimsa devas protect me. The result of the offering of a small piece of sugar-cane was not small. It generated great fruit. I enjoy happiness in the heavenly Nandana Park like the god Sakka.

Bhante, you are very compassionate and wise. I came here to ask about your well-being and worship you. I have received all these wonderful things having offered a small piece of sugar-cane to you willingly and with a very happy mind.

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Vimāna Vatthu 3.2 Lacchudāyikā Sutta: Sugar-Cane Mansion

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