Vimana Vatthu

Vimāna VatthuVv 3.8 Mallikā Sutta
Mallika’s Mansion

Can offerings to the Supreme Buddha after his passing away still give good results?

Narada Bhante:

Devata, you are dressed in divine golden clothes and gold jewelry. Golden banners are waving in the sky. Even without this jewelry, your beauty shines brightly. You are wearing gold bangles, bracelets, and a necklace of gems. You wear a gold crown on your head and your body is covered with a golden net.

You are decorated with various types of garlands made from gold, rubies, pearls, beryl and cat’s-eye jewels. These garlands produce sweet music like the songs of peacocks, geese, and cuckoos. Your divine chariot is also decorated with beautiful gems and the color of each part on the chariot is well matched.

Your beauty shines in all directions when you travel in this chariot. Devata, what kind of meritorious actions did you do to receive this result?


When I was in the human world, I learned about the death of Gautama Supreme Buddha who possessed immeasurable good qualities. With a very happy mind, I made a golden net and decorated it with jewels, gold, and pearls. Then I offered it to the Supreme Buddha.

In this way, I collected much merit as encouraged by the Buddha. That is how I was reborn in heaven and now enjoy happiness without any sorrow.

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Vimāna Vatthu 3.8 Mallikā Sutta: Mallika’s Mansion

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Questions for Reflection:

  • Have you ever offered anything to the Supreme Buddha? Have you thought about the results you may get in the future while you are making the offering?


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