Vimana Vatthu

Vimāna VatthuVv 4.9 Pīta Sutta
Mansion of Yellow Flowers

God Sakka asks another deva what meritorious actions he did to gain happiness.

God Sakka:

Dear Deva, you are wearing yellow clothes and jewelry. You have put on yellow sandalwood cream and you have decorated yourself with yellow lotuses and yellow scarves. Your mansion is yellow; even your furniture is yellow. Furthermore, your plates and bowls are yellow. There are also yellow umbrellas, vehicles, horses, and fans. Everything in this mansion is yellow.

Tell me Devata, what kind of meritorious action did you do when you were in the human world? We ask about the action that gave this result.


God Sakka, Lord of Devas, in the human world there were vines with tiny yellow flowers. One day I plucked four flowers without thinking about gaining any special results. Then I went to the stupa containing the relics of the Supreme Buddha.

While I was thinking about the sacred body of the Supreme Buddha, my heart was delighted. I was always thinking about that stupa. I did not realize there was a cow chasing me.

Before I could offer the flowers to the stupa, I was killed by that cow. If I had collected the merit of offering the flowers, my happiness would have been much better than this. Great Sakka, because of that meritorious deed, I was reborn here after I left the human world.

The leader of the Tavatimsa Heaven, God Sakka, also called Maghava, told his chariot driver, Deva Matali, about that excellent meritorious deed. Other devas were also happily listening to him.

God Sakka:

Dear Matali, look at this excellent result. Isn’t this wonderful? Although the object which she was going to offer was very small, it generated a great result. If one gives even a very small thing with a confident heart to the Supreme Buddha or to a disciple of the Buddha, the result is not small.

Dear Matali, come, we too shall go worship the relics of the Supreme Buddha. Collecting merit always gives happiness. If people offer something to the Supreme Buddha when he is alive or after he has passed away, as long as they have the same confident mind on both occasions, the results will be the same. Beings are reborn in heaven because of their confident minds.

Those who respect the Supreme Buddha are reborn in heaven. Surely, Supreme Buddhas are born into this world for the benefit of all beings.

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Vimāna Vatthu 4.9 Pīta Sutta: Mansion of Yellow Flowers

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