Vimana Vatthu

Vimāna VatthuVv 5.12 Tatiya Nāga Sutta
Third Elephant Mansion

A man questions a deva on how he gained a divine white elephant.


Dear Deva, your divine elephant is all white. You are entertained with sweet music. Who are you, traveling on that white elephant in the sky? Are you a god, or a heavenly musician, or the god Sakka? We do not know who you are. We ask you. Tell us the answer.


I am not the kind of god that you think, or a heavenly musician, or the god Sakka. I am a god of the Sudhamma clan.


Worshiping you, Sudhamma, I ask, what meritorious deed did you do to have been born among the Sudhamma gods?


Three kinds of houses can be offered: a house made of sugar canes, a house made of grass, or a house made of cloth. Having offered one of these three houses, I was reborn among the Sudhamma gods.

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Vimāna Vatthu 5.12 Tatiya Nāga Sutta: Third Elephant Mansion

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