Vimana Vatthu

Vimāna VatthuVv 5.4 Kakkaṭakarasadāyaka Sutta
Crab-Soup Giver’s Mansion

A deva explains the happiness she gained after offering crab soup to the Sangha.

Moggallana Bhante:

Dear Devata, your mansion is way up in the sky and spreads over one hundred and twenty kilometers. Pillars of beryl and other gemstones, and seven hundred pinnacled buildings are in your estate. It is very beautiful. Inside the mansion, you drink and eat and enjoy the sweetness of heavenly food. Guitars play sweet music. You have the five kinds of sensual pleasures. Devatas dance for you, wearing gold jewelry.

What are the meritorious deeds that led to this happiness?

Tell me Devata, what kind of meritorious action did you do when you were in the human world to have gained this beauty that shines in all directions, and to have earned all these wonderful things?

That devata, delighted at being questioned by Arahant Moggallana, gladly explained what she had done that resulted in such great happiness.


There is a golden crab hanging on my door reminding me about my meritorious deed. It has ten legs and shines brilliantly. That is why the pure radiance of my body and limbs is stainless and shines in all directions. Great Bhante, that is the meritorious action I did to have such a beautiful body.

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Vimāna Vatthu 5.4 Kakkaṭakarasadāyaka Sutta: Crab-Soup Giver’s Mansion

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