Vimana Vatthu

Vimāna VatthuVv 6.7 Yavapālaka Sutta
Barley-Warden’s Mansion

A human who guarded a barley field explains how he became a deva.

Moggallana Bhante:

This mansion is very high, spreading for one hundred and sixty kilometers, with pillars of beryl and other gemstones. Seven hundred small houses with triangular-shaped roofs are within the complex. This mansion is extremely beautiful.

Inside the mansion, you are drinking and eating. The sweet music of divine guitars plays throughout the complex. Well-trained devatas delight in dancing and singing.

Powerful Deva, you have become a leader among devas. The pure radiance of your body and limbs is stainless and shines in all directions.

Tell me, what kind of meritorious action did you do when you were in the human world to have gained this beauty that shines in all directions, and to have earned all these wonderful things?

That deva, delighted at being questioned by Arahant Moggallana, gladly explained what he had done that resulted in such great happiness.


In my previous life I lived in the human world as the guard of a barley field. One day, I saw an Arahant Bhante who was serene and calm. I offered him a handful of rice with my own hands. Due to the merit of that offering, now I enjoy living in the heavenly Nandana Park.

Because of this meritorious deed, I have been born as a very beautiful deva and enjoy all the wonderful things that delight my heart.

Great Bhante, that is the meritorious action I did to have such a beautiful body that shines in all directions.

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Vimāna Vatthu 6.7 Yavapālaka Sutta: Barley-Warden’s Mansion

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