Vimana Vatthu

Vimāna VatthuVv 7.8 Anekavaṇṇa Sutta
Mansion of Many Colors

A deva explains how worshiping the relics of a Buddha can bring much happiness.

Moggallana Bhante:

Dear Deva, your body is multicolored. You are in a colorful mansion without sadness, surrounded by goddesses. You experience delight, like the god Sunimmita. No one equals your fame, merit, strength, and psychic power. All the devas in Tavatimsa Heaven are gathered here worshiping you, just as people worship the moon. Goddesses are dancing, singing, and entertaining you.

Powerful Deva, you have become a leader among devas. You shine brilliantly in all directions. Tell me Deva, what kind of meritorious action did you do when you were in the human world to have gained this beauty that shines in all directions, and to have earned all these wonderful things?

That deva, delighted at being questioned by Arahant Moggallana, gladly explained what he had done that resulted in such great happiness.


Bhante, at that time, there was a Supreme Buddha named Sumedha Buddha. I was a disciple of that great victor. Even though I was a monk for seven years near the Buddha, I did not attain any stage of enlightenment. I lived just as an ordinary monk.

Sumedha Supreme Buddha, the Great Teacher, the Great Victor, the one who is unshaken by ups and downs, attained final Nibbana at passing away. A stupa, of a golden net and decorated with gems, was built to hold the Buddha’s sacred relics. I worshiped that stupa with a happy mind.

Although I did not have anything with which to practice generosity, I encouraged others. I would tell people, “Pay homage to the sacred relics of the Buddhas, who are worthy of homage, and you will be able to go to heaven!”

That was the only meritorious action I did. From the result of that, I enjoy this divine happiness rejoicing in the midst of Tavatimsa devas. The result of that meritorious deed has not yet ended.

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Vimāna Vatthu 7.8 Anekavaṇṇa Sutta: Mansion of Many Colors

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