Samyutta Nikaya

SN 6.5 Aparā Diṭṭhi Sutta: The Discourse about a Certain Wrong View of a Brahma

When a Brahma thinks no ascetic or Brahmin can come to his world, the Buddha shows him the truth.

When the evil thought, “There is no ascetic or Brahmin who can come to this brahma world,” arises in a Brahma, the Buddha and other venerables show him the truth.


Thag 10.3 The Verses of Arahant Mahā Kappina (547-556)

547. Planning in advance for a good future, if one acts understanding what is beneficial and unbeneficial, he is very wise. Neither enemies nor friends will see a weak spot in him. 548. One should practice mindfulness of breathing exactly as taught by the Buddha. If one completes and develops mindfulness very well like that, […]