Majjhima Nikaya

MN 87 Piyajātika Sutta:
Suffering Born from the Ones We Love

Do the ones we love always bring us happiness? (7 minutes)

Samyutta Nikaya

SN 3.8 Mallikā Sutta:
Queen Mallikā

The person most dear to us is ourselves. (1 minute)

Samyutta Nikaya

SN 3.16 Dītu Sutta:
A Daughter

When King Pasenadi’s queen gives birth to a daughter, he becomes disappointed, but the Buddha explains the virtue of a woman. (1 minute)

Anguttara Nikaya

AN 4.197 Mallikā Sutta:
With Queen Mallikā

As we do many different good and bad actions, so too we get many kinds of good and bad results. (6 minutes)


Ud 5.1 Rāja Sutta:
The King of Kosala

How should we treat other people if we want to be happy? (2 minutes)