Digha Nikaya

DN 18 Janavasabha Sutta:
With God Janavasabha

King Bimbisāra is reborn as the deva Janavasabha and returns to talk with the Supreme Buddha. (20 minutes)

Samyutta Nikaya

SN 6.11 Sanaṅkumāra Sutta:
The Discourse Given to Brahma Sanaṅkumāra Approving His Verse

Brahma Sanaṅkumāra tells the Buddha a verse of how a sage accomplished in true knowledge and pure conduct is the best among gods and humans. (1 minute)


Itv 68 Paṭhamarāga Sutta:
Passion 1

The Buddha explains how not removing completely passion, hatred and delusion makes a person fall into Māra's noose. (2 minutes)