Digha Nikaya

DN 18 Janavasabha Sutta: With God Janavasabha

King Bimbisāra is reborn as the deva Janavasabha and returns to talk with the Supreme Buddha.

Table of Contents 1. Declaring the Rebirths of People from the city of Nādika and Elsewhere 2. Ānanda’s Suggestion 3. God Janavasabha 4. The Council of the Gods 5. On Sanaṅkumāra 6. Developing the Bases of Psychic Power 7. The Three Opportunities 8. Mindfulness Meditation 9. Seven aids for right concentration 1. Declaring the Rebirths […]

Samyutta Nikaya

SN 6.11 Sanaṅkumāra Sutta: The Discourse Given to Brahma Sanaṅkumāra Approving His Verse

Brahma Sanaṅkumāra tells the Buddha a verse of how a sage accomplished in true knowledge and pure conduct is the best among gods and humans.

A sage accomplished in true knowledge and pure conduct is best among gods and humans.


Itv 68 Paṭhamarāga Sutta: Passion 1

The Buddha explains how not eradicating passion, hatred and delusion makes a person fall into Māra's noose.

This discourse was taught by the Blessed One, taught by the Arahant, the fully enlightened Supreme Buddha. This is as I heard, “Monks, anyone whose passion is not eradicated, whose hatred is not eradicated, and whose delusion is not eradicated is said to be in Māra’s bondage; he is caught in Māra’s noose. Whatever the […]