Digha Nikaya

DN 14 Mahāpadāna Sutta: Seven Fully Enlightened Buddhas

Details of the life and going forth of the Supreme Buddha Vipassī

“Then the prince addressed the charioteer, ‘Well then, my dear charioteer, take the chariot and return to the royal palace. I shall shave off my hair and beard right here, dress in robes, and go forth from the lay life to homelessness and become a recluse.’

Samyutta Nikaya

SN 6.14 Arunavati Sutta: The Discourse of the Arunavati Capital

The Buddha tells a past story of Buddha Sikhī and Arahant Abhibhū visiting the brahma world.

Buddha Sikhī and Arahant Abhibhū goes to the brahma world to teach the Dhamma.