ItivuttakaItv 48 Āpāyika Sutta
Plane of Misery

The Buddha explains the consequences of lying and accusing falsely those who are virtuous.

This discourse was taught by the Blessed One, taught by the Arahant, the fully enlightened Supreme Buddha. This is as I heard,

“Monks, by not giving up evil conduct, these two persons will be reborn in the plain of misery, in hell. What two persons? One who, not living a celibate life, pretends to be one who lives a celibate life; and one who falsely accuses a monk who lives a perfect and pure celibate life of being incelibate.

Monks, these two persons will be reborn in the plain of misery, in hell, by not giving up such evil conduct as this.”

This is the meaning of what the Blessed One said. So, with regard to this, it was said:

The liar who accuses a good person goes to hell; and he who, having done wrong, says, “I did not do it” – both these people who commit these base actions become equal after death by taking rebirth in hell.

There are many people wearing robes that show no restraint and have evil behaviours. These wicked people, because of their evil deeds, will be reborn in hell.

It would be better for an immoral and unrestrained monk to swallow flaming red-hot iron balls than to eat alms-food of the people.

This, too, is the meaning of what was said by the Blessed One. This is exactly as I heard.

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Itivuttaka 48 Āpāyika Sutta: Plane of Misery

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