Peta Vatthu

Peta VatthuPv 3.3 Rathakāra Sutta
The Ghost of Rathakara Lake

A ghost explains how to direct merit towards a good destination.

A woman was born as a ghost due to previous bad actions. But the results of different good actions arose to her in the form of great luxury. However, she was very lonely. So one day she set out a very sweet fruit to lure people to come to her. A young man found the sweet fruit and went to search for the place that the fruit came from. He saw the ghost and asked her,

Young Man:

Your mansion is supported by many pillars. Countless paintings are inside. When you are in the mansion you shine like the full moon. Your body glows like gold, you are very nice to look at. You are sitting on a beautiful couch decorated with precious jewels.

But you are sitting alone, it looks like you do not have a husband.

There is a lotus pond surrounding your mansion, filled with flowers and lotuses. Golden colored sand is spread around the pond, while mud and duckweed is nowhere to be seen. Beautiful swans glide on the water all the time singing beautiful songs. You are in a ship floating around the pond. You have thick beautiful eyelashes and your face is very delightful, always smiling. You are extremely beautiful, happy, and speak very pleasantly.

This place is perfect, I wish that I could enjoy the heavenly pleasures here with you in this divine park, as beautiful as the Nandana Grove.


If you want to come live with me here collect lots of merit, always keep this place in your mind and never forget it. After death, you will be reborn here and live with me.

Young Man:

Okay, I will do as you say.

The young man performed lots of meritorious deeds. He always thought about the mansion, and after death, he was reborn there and lived with the ghost.

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Peta Vatthu 3.3 Rathakāra Sutta: The Ghost of Rathakara Lake

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