Peta Vatthu

Peta VatthuPv 3.4 Bhusa Sutta
The Hay Ghost

Greed and deceit only brings pain and suffering.


One ghost spreads burning hay on his head while another hits himself on the head with an iron rod. And a third ghost eats his own flesh and blood.

You are eating filthy and disgusting excrement. Why is this happening? Of what evil deeds are these the results?


The ghost putting burning hay on his head injured his mother in the human world, while the one hitting himself on the head with an iron rod was a dishonest and cunning trader. The ghost eating his own flesh and blood stole meat and lied about it to the seller.

For my case, in the human world I was a very bossy housewife who ordered others around in the family. Even though I was capable of giving gifts to others, I was greedy and never gave anything. When people came to my house begging for food, I hid the food and lied by swearing an oath, saying, “There is no food in my house, believe me. If there is any that I have hidden, then let it turn to excrement and I will eat it!”

It is the result of both greed and the fact that I lied. Now good rice turns into excrement when I am about to eat it.

All actions have a result; the results of bad deeds will not simply go away without ripening. Therefore because of my bad deeds I must eat and drink this filthy and disgusting excrement full of worms.

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Peta Vatthu 3.4 Bhusa Sutta: The Hay Ghost

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