Peta Vatthu

Peta VatthuPv 4.6 Kumāra Sutta
The Ghost Princes

What are the results of indulging in excessive sensual pleasures?

Supreme Buddha:

There once was a city called Savatti located near the Himalaya Mountain. I have heard that there were two princes who lived in that city. They enjoyed sensual pleasures too much and thought only about happiness in the present life and not the future.

When they died, they were reborn in the ghost world. Experiencing the results of the evil deeds that they did, with invisible bodies, in the same city, they were crying with regret.


Alas, we had plenty of food and wealth. There were also lots of noble monks living in the city. But we did not give anything to them. We did not collect any merits leading to happiness.

Previously, we were the sons of a royal family. But now we are suffering in the ghost world with hunger and thirst. What greater misfortune can there be than this? When we were in the human world, we were rulers, but in the ghost world, we are not. Having fallen from a high status to low, we are suffering. We are roaming for food, overcome by hunger and thirst.

Supreme Buddha:

Too much enjoyment caused this misfortune. Having understood this danger, one should not be intoxicated with pleasures and not be arrogant. That wise person, after death will be reborn in heaven.

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Peta Vatthu 4.6 Kumāra Sutta: The Ghost Princes

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