TheragāthāThag 10.1
The Verses of Arahant Kāḷudāyi (527-536)

527. Great sage, the trees have dropped their leaves and time has come for fruit to grow. The blossoming flowers glow like burning coal. Those trees shine like flames. Great hero, time has come to help your relatives, the Sākyans.

528. Those delightful trees in bloom spread their sweet scent all around. Now those trees dropped their leaves and are hoping to bear fruit. Great hero, time has come for us to leave from here.

529. Great sage, it is not too cold or too hot. The season is pleasant for a long journey. When the Blessed One walks crossing the Rohini river, may the Sākyans and Koliyans from the west have a chance to see you, the Blessed One.

530. Farmers plow a paddy field out of desire. They scatter seeds desirously. Merchants travel across the ocean to find money desirously. I too have a desire. May my desire be fulfilled.

531. Again and again farmers scatter seeds. Again and again it rains. Again and again farmers plow paddy fields. Again and again grain comes to the kingdom.

532. Again and again beggars ask for things. Again and again givers give things. Again and again givers, having given things, again and again are reborn in heaven.

533. If a great hero of great wisdom is born into a certain family, indeed that person’s birth is for the wellbeing of seven generations. I think that, like the greatest god among gods, the Blessed One can give far more relief to the world. You, the Blessed One, are the only one who can be called “the truth.”

534. The father of the Great Seer is king Suddhodana. The queen, bearing the Bodhisatta baby in her womb, took care of the baby. After death, she was reborn in Tusita heaven and delighted there. The mother of the Buddha is Māyā.

535. The Buddha’s mother, having passed away from this world, met with divine pleasures. Surrounded by many goddesses, she enjoys divine sensual pleasures there.

536. The Buddha is unique and unconquered. The Buddha has an unshaken mind. I am a son of the Buddha, oh Sākya King Suddhodana. Therefore you are my father’s father. King from Gotama clan, by the Dhamma you are my grandfather.

These verses were said by Arahant Kāḷudāyi.

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Theragāthā 10.1: The Verses of Arahant Kāḷudāyi (527-536)

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