TheragāthāThag 10.2
The Verses of Arahant Eka Vihāriya (537-546)

537. When I am alone in the forest, if no one else is behind or in front of me, truly I feel at ease.

538. The Buddha highly praised living in the forest. Yes, I too shall go to the forest alone. For a monk who practices the Dhamma giving it top priority, living alone is pleasing.

539. I’m a meditator. I really like to enter the forest where elephants and tuskers live. The forest is delightful. Alone I enter the forest immediately with big hope.

540. The field is filled with blooming flowers. The forest is cool. I wash myself and start doing walking meditation alone.

541. When shall I live truly alone, companionless in this beautiful great forest as an enlightened one who has done what had to be done to end suffering?

542. That is how I wish to be. May my wish come true. I should proceed on the path by myself. No one can follow the path for another.

543. I go to the forest wearing my brave armour. I shall not come out of the forest until I have eliminated all the taints.

544. The cool wind blows giving a sweet smell, just like a divine fragrance. Sitting on the top of the mountain, I shall split ignorance.

545. The forest is filled with fragrant flowers. I live in cool caves in the mountain joyfully, delighting in the happiness of liberation.

546. Everything I wished for has now been fulfilled. My life is like the full moon in the sky. I eliminated all the taints. There is no more rebirth for me.

These verses were said by Arahant Eka Vihāriya.

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Theragāthā 10.2: The Verses of Arahant Eka Vihāriya (537-546)

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