TheragāthāThag 10.5
The Verses of Arahant Kappa (567-576)

567–68. Like a sewer full of filth, like a disgusting pool of dung, like a nasty wound, like a boil full of puss, born in a womb, full of puss and blood, heavy with excrement and urine, trickling filth all the time, disgusting things always ooze out of the body.

569. Having a binding of sixty tendons, plastered with flesh, wrapped with a dress called skin, this foul body is worthless.

570. Linked together with a skeleton of bones, with bonds of sinew threads, the body produces its various postures by the union of many filthy things.

571. Definitely heading toward death, this body is always close to death. Having abandoned this body here, finally the person goes somewhere else.

572. The true nature of this body is covered with ignorance. Tied with knots of defilements, this body is sinking down in the flood of defilements. It is caught in the net of hidden defilements.

573. Joined with the five hindrances, surrounded by lavish thoughts, rooted by craving, this house called “body” is roofed with rafters of delusion.

574. With such a nature, this body functions by the engine called kamma. Life ends whether you have gain or loss. Changing is the only nature of life.

575. If somebody regards such a body to be their own, they are blind, ordinary people. They just fill up this fearful saṁsāra. Repeated journeying in saṁsāra continues for them.

576. Therefore, if somebody avoids this body like avoiding a snake smeared in dung, having uprooted existence with its root, he will attain final extinguishing at passing away without taints.

These verses were said by Arahant Kappa.

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Theragāthā 10.5: The Verses of Arahant Kappa (567-576)

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