TheragāthāThag 16.6
The Verses of Arahant Sela (818-841)

818. [Brāhmin Sela:] Blessed One, with great energy, you have a perfect body. It is shining. You had a blessed birth, you are beautiful to look at, you have a golden body and you have pure white teeth.

819. A person who was born with great fortune, on his body there are great marks. I can see that all of those great marks are present on your body.

820. Your eyes are very beautiful, your face is very pleasant, and your well-built, straight body is like that of a Brahma. When you are in the midst of the community of monks, you shine like the sun.

821. Meritorious recluse, with this gold skin of yours you are very beautiful. When you have such supreme beauty, what is the use of this monkhood?

822. You are fit to be a powerful king in the land of India, a wheel turning monarch conquering the whole earth.

823. Then very powerful kings will attend on you. Rule the world oh Gotama, as the king of kings and as the lord of humans.

824. [The Blessed One:] Indeed dear Sela, I am a king. I am the Supreme Dhamma King. The Dhamma Wheel that I turn cannot be turned back by anyone in the world.

825. [Brāhmin Sela:] Meritorious Gotama, do you claim to be the incomparable Dhamma King, the Supremely Enlightened One? You say, “I turn the Dhamma wheel.”

826. So then who is the Lord’s general? Who is that disciple, the successor to the Teacher, who can turn the Dhamma Wheel exactly like you do?

827. [The Blessed One:] Dear Sela, following the example of the Tathāgatha, Sāriputta keeps the unsurpassed Dhamma wheel rolling that has been set rolling by me.

828. I realized everything that should be realized. I developed everything that should be developed. I eliminated everything that should be eliminated. Therefore, dear Brāhmin, I am the Buddha.

829. Dear Brāhmin, dispel your doubt in me. Have faith in me. It is extremely rare to obtain again and again the sight of a supremely enlightened Buddha.

830. I am the Supreme Buddha. It is truly difficult to often have the appearance of such a rare being in the world. Dear Brāhmin, I am an unsurpassed Dhamma surgeon.

831. I have attained the most supreme state. I am unbeatable. I defeated the army of Māra. Having overcome all enemy powers, I live happily seeing no fear from any direction.

832. [Brāhmin Sela:] Dear pupils, listen to these beautiful words of the Great Sage, the one with the eyes of Dhamma. He is a superb surgeon who removes the darts of defilements from the hearts of living beings. He’s a great hero. He is like a lion king roaring in the forest.

833. He has become the most supreme. He’s unbeatable. He has won the battle against the army of Māra. Having seen such a great teacher, who wouldn’t have faith except those born with little merit?

834. I will become a monk in the presence of the Supreme Buddha, the one with excellent wisdom. If you would also like to become monks with me, do so. If you don’t want to, then go back.

835. [Pupils:] Dear teacher, if the path of the fully enlightened Buddha is that pleasing to you, we would also like to be pleased by this. We would like to become monks in the presence of the Supreme Buddha, the one with excellent wisdom.

836. [Brāhmin Sela:] Blessed One, here there are three hundred brāhmins. Worshiping you, they all ask for the holy life from you. We would all like to practice the holy life in the Blessed One’s presence.

837. [The Blessed One:] Dear Sela, I have proclaimed the holy life very well. This Dhamma is to be understood in this very life. This Dhamma can be understood anytime. If you practice diligently as I teach, your monk life won’t be in vain.

838. [Arahant Sela:] Sage with eyes of Dhamma, Supreme Buddha, this is the eighth day since we went for refuge to the Triple Gem. Blessed One, in seven days we all have been tamed by your excellent instruction.

839. Indeed, you are the Supreme Buddha. You are the excellent teacher. You are the Great Sage who overcame Māra. Cutting off all defilements, you crossed over saṁsāra and now you have also helped us to cross over.

840. You have crossed over all defilements. You have destroyed the taints. You have eliminated all fears. You have completely removed clinging. Truly, you are like a brave lion.

841. These three hundred monks are worshiping you with joined palms. Great hero, please stretch out your feet. Let these noble beings pay homage to the Supreme Teacher’s sacred feet!

These verses were said by Arahant Sela.

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Theragāthā 16.6: The Verses of Arahant Sela (818-841)

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