TheragāthāThag 6.1
The Verses of Arahant Uruveḷa Kassapa (375-380)

375. The fame of Gotama Buddha was spreading everywhere. I saw his miracles. But because of my envy and pride, I did not bow down to worship him.

376. Superb trainer of beings, the Buddha knew my thoughts and reproached me. At that time, I felt very ashamed. Strange hair-raising excitement arose in me, making my body shiver.

377. It is true that in the past, when I was an ascetic with matted hair, I had a few supernormal powers. But I abandoned all of them. I became a monk in the Buddha’s path.

378. Previously, I was satisfied with making sacrifices and intoxicated with enjoyments in the sensual realm. I abandoned all of them. Afterwards, I rooted out lust, hatred, and delusion too.

379. I gained the knowledge to understand my previous births. My divine eye is purified. I gained supernormal powers. I have the knowledge to read others’ minds. I developed the divine ear.

380. I became a monk abandoning the home life to achieve a specific goal. I have achieved that goal and I have destroyed all fetters.

These verses were said by Arahant Uruveḷa Kassapa.

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Theragāthā 6.1: The Verses of Arahant Uruveḷa Kassapa (375-380)

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