TherīgāthāThig 5.1
The Verses of a certain Arahant Nun (67-71)

A certain nun details her path to enlightenment.

67. Twenty-five years have passed since I became a nun. During this whole time, I could not obtain unification of mind, not even for the duration of a finger snap.

68. Not having obtained any unification of mind I suffered a lot from lust for sensual pleasures. Finally, weeping, with my hands on my head, I went from monastery to monastery.

69. There was a very skillful nun in whom I had confidence. I approached her and she taught me the Dhamma about aggregates, elements, and sense bases.

70. I took to heart the Dhamma that was taught to me by that skillful nun. I sat down in a quiet place. Now I have the ability to recollect my previous lives. I have also purified my divine eye.

71. I also have the ability to read others’ minds and have purified the divine eye. I am skilled in displaying miracles of supernatural powers. Having attained the destruction of taints, I became liberated. I have attained all of these superior knowledges and have completed the training of the Buddha.

These verses were said by a certain Arahant Nun.

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Therīgāthā 5.1: The Verses of a certain Arahant Nun (67-71)

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