Vimana Vatthu

Vimāna VatthuVv 2.4 Caṇḍālī Sutta
Low-Caste Woman’s Mansion

The Supreme Buddha with utmost compassion helps a low caste woman before her death.

Supreme Buddha:

Lady, I am Gautama Supreme Buddha standing before you out of compassion. I am the seventh Buddha who has appeared in the last hundred eons. Worship the feet of the famous Buddha. I am an Arahant and I am not shaken by the ups and downs of life. Let your mind be confident in me. Worship me immediately because you have little time to live.

In this way, the Supreme Buddha, with a developed mind and in his final body, encouraged the low-caste woman to collect merit. Having understood the words of the famous Gautama Buddha, she worshiped his sacred feet.

This world is covered with the darkness of ignorance. It is illuminated only by the true sunlight called the Four Noble Truths. She worshipped that Supreme Buddha who gives true light to the world.

Worshiping by putting her hands together, the woman gazed at the Buddha as he walked away. Soon after that, a cow attacked her and she died instantly.


Oh Pure One, Arahant, Great Hero, the Supreme Buddha who meditates alone in the forest. I was born in heaven. Now I have come here to worship you.

Supreme Buddha:

Devata, you shine like gold and are surrounded by many goddesses. Having climbed down from your mansion, you worship me. Who are you?


Bhante, I was a low-caste woman in the human world. Great Hero, Gautama Buddha, you encouraged me to collect merit. I worshiped your sacred feet. After my death, I was born in a divine mansion in Nandana Park.

This mansion is extremely beautiful. I have one hundred thousand goddesses as my attendants. I surpass all of them in beauty, fame, and long life. Bhante, I did lots of good deeds with mindfulness and full awareness. Now I have come here to worship you, the compassionate Supreme Buddha.

The devata was very grateful. She recalled the Supreme Buddha’s compassionate help. Having explained how she went to heaven, she worshiped the sacred feet of the Supreme Buddha and disappeared.

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Vimāna Vatthu 2.4 Caṇḍālī Sutta: Low-Caste Woman’s Mansion

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