Samyutta Nikaya
Sakka Saṁyutta

SN 11.7 Na Dubbhiya Sutta
One Should Not Betray

God Sakka and Vepacitti discuss a thought that arose in God Sakka's mind.

At Sāvatthi. “Monks, once in the past when god Sakka, lord of the gods, was alone, the following thought arose in his mind: ‘Though someone may be my sworn enemy, I should not do wrong even against him.’

“Then, monks, Vepacitti, lord of the titans, having known with his own mind the thought in god Sakka’s mind, went to Sakka, lord of the gods. Sakka, lord of the gods, saw Vepacitti, lord of the titans, coming in the distance and said to Vepacitti, lord of the titans: ‘Stop, Vepacitti, you’ve been caught!’

“‘Dear Sir, don’t you remember the idea that just occurred to you? Did you abandon that?’

“‘Okay then Vepacitti, swear that you will not betray me.’


“‘Whatever evil comes to a liar, whatever evil comes to an insulter of noble ones, whatever evil comes to a betrayer of friends, whatever evil comes to one without gratitude: that same evil touches the one who betrays you, Sakka, Sujā’s husband.’”

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Saṁyutta Nikāya 11.7 Na Dubbhiya Sutta: One Should Not Betray

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