Samyutta Nikaya
Kosala Saṁyutta

SN 3.14 Paṭhama Saṇgāma Sutta
Battle 1

A battle between King Ajātasattu and Pasenadi takes place, leading the monks to discuss it with the Buddha.

At the city of Sāvatthī…

One day, King Ajātasattu of the Magadha kingdom mobilized an army of four divisions and marched to Kāsi province to attack King Pasenadi. When King Pasenadi heard of this, he mobilized an army of four divisions and marched to Kāsi province to defend it against Ajātasattu. Then the two kings met in battle. In that battle, Ajātasattu defeated Pasenadi, who retreated to his own capital at the city of Sāvatthī.

Then several monks, in the morning, wore their robes, took their bowls and double-layered robes, and entered the city of Sāvatthī for alms. Then, after the meal, when they returned from the alms-round, they went up to the Buddha, bowed respectfully, sat down to one side, and told him about the battle.

Then the Buddha said, “Monks, King Ajātasattu has bad friends, bad companions, and bad associates. But King Pasendi has good friends, good companions, and good associates. Monks, tonight, King Pasenadi will have a bad sleep since he was defeated.”

The Buddha:

“Victory creates enemies;
the defeated sleep badly.
The peaceful sleep well,
having left victory and defeat behind.”

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Saṁyutta Nikāya 3.14 Paṭhama Saṇgāma Sutta: Battle 1

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