TheragāthāThag 5.8
The Verses of Arahant Vakkali (350-354)

350. [The Blessed One:] Monk, you live in a great forest. You’re suffering from an illness due to a wind disorder. You don’t even receive the four requisites well. How do you live this tough life?

351. [Vakkali:] Much Joy and happiness have spread inside my body. It is because of this that I endure my tough life and live in the forest.

352. Developing the Four Establishments of Mindfulness, Five Spiritual Faculties, Five Spiritual Powers, and Seven Enlightenments Factors, I live in this forest.

353. Seeing my fellow monks who practice the Dhamma energetically, giving the training first priority, always with strong effort and living in harmony, I live in the forest.

354. Recollecting the foremost in the three worlds, the well tamed one, the perfectly still one, the Supreme Buddha, I live in the forest diligently both day and night.

These verses were said by Arahant Vakkali.

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Theragāthā 5.8: The Verses of Arahant Vakkali (350-354)

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