TherīgāthāThig 5.11
The Verses of thirty Arahant Nuns (117-121)

117. Taking pestles, people grind grains. Taking care of their families, they find wealth.

118. Practice the Buddha’s training. Having practiced it, one does not regret. Wash your feet quickly and sit down quietly. Develop unification of mind and complete the Buddha’s path.

119. The Nun Paṭācarā instructed the nuns in this way. Those nuns took that instruction to their hearts. They washed their feet, and sat down quietly. They developed unification of the mind and completed the Buddha’s path.

120. In the first watch of the night, they recollected their past lives. In the middle watch of the night they purified the divine eye. In the last watch of the night they tore apart the dark mass of ignorance.

121. Those nuns worshiped the feet of nun Patācarā saying, “We have succeeded following your instruction. We live honoring you like the Tāvatiṁsa Gods honoring the God Sakka after winning the battle against Asurās. We have achieved the Triple Knowledge and live without taints.”

These verses were said by thirty Arahant Nuns.

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Therīgāthā 5.11: The Verses of thirty Arahant Nuns (117-121)

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