TherīgāthāThig 5.3
The Verses of Arahant Nun Sīhā (77-81)

77. Previously, in the beginning of my life as a nun, I thought in the wrong way. I was overwhelmed by desire for sensual pleasures. My mind was distracted and I failed to control it.

78. Because my mind was preoccupied with signs of attractiveness, I was obsessed with defilements. Being under the influence of lustful thoughts, I did not obtain any unification of mind.

79. Back then I was very thin, pale, and shabby. I suffered in that life for seven years. Suffering from defilements, I did not achieve any spiritual happiness from the nun-life.

80. Finally, taking a rope, I went into the forest thinking “It is better to hang myself than to go back to the low lay life.”

81. I made a strong noose and tied it to a branch of a tree. I put the noose around my neck. It was then that my mind was released completely from all defilements.

These verses were said by Arahant Nun Sīhā.

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Therīgāthā 5.3: The Verses of Arahant Nun Sīhā (77-81)

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