TherīgāthāThig 5.6
The Verses of Arahant Nun Mittakālī (92-96)

92. Having given up the home life, I truly became a nun through faith. But then I became caught up in gain and honor. I wandered here and there longing only for those things.

93. I missed the highest good and went after the lowest things. I didn’t have any idea to achieve spiritual goals.

94. One day when I was in my little hut, a shocking disturbance suddenly arose in me. “Because I am caught up in craving, I have entered the wrong road!

95. I have a very short time left to live. Old age and sickness are rolling in on me. Eventually, damaged by old age this body will fall apart. There is no time for me to be negligent.”

96. I started to investigate wisely the arising and the passing away of the five aggregates of clinging as they really are. As a result, my mind was completely released from all defilements. The Buddha’s path has been fully followed by me.

These verses were said by Arahant Nun Mittakālī.

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Therīgāthā 5.6: The Verses of Arahant Nun Mittakālī (92-96)

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