TherīgāthāThig 5.7
The Verses of Arahant Nun Sakulā (97-101)

97. When I lived at home, I learned the perfect Dhamma from a monk. Through that Dhamma, I attained the undefiled, deathless Nibbāna.

98. I gave up my son, daughter, money, and property. Having shaved off my hair, I became a nun.

99. I started the practice while I was a trainee. I progressively eliminated lust and hate along with other defilements.

100. Eventually I received the higher ordination. I recollected my past lives and purified the divine eye which is developed by pure-minded noble ones.

101. I realized the selfless nature of all formations that have arisen with a cause and are liable to destruction. I eliminated all taints. I have become cool and quenched.

These verses were said by Arahant Nun Sakulā.

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Therīgāthā 5.7: The Verses of Arahant Nun Sakulā (97-101)

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