TherīgāthāThig 6.8
The Verses of Arahant Nun Vijayā (169-174)

169. Previously being unable to control my mind, I didn’t have any unification of mind. I left the monastery four or five times a day.

170. Finally I approached the Nun Khemā. I questioned respectfully and learned the Dhamma from her. She taught me the Dhamma about aggregates, elements and sense bases.

171. She taught me the Four Noble Truths, The Five Spiritual Faculties, the Five Spiritual Powers, the Seven Enlightenment Factors and the Noble Eightfold Path leading to Supreme Nibbāna.

172. Having learned the Dhamma from her, I followed her exact instructions. In the first watch of the night, I gained the knowledge of recollecting my past lives.

173. In the middle watch of the night, I purified the divine eye. In the last watch of the night I tore apart the dark mass of ignorance.

174. I dwelled filling my whole body with joy and happiness. Having torn apart the dark mass of ignorance, on the seventh day, I stretched out my feet.

These verses were said by Arahant Nun Vijayā.

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Therīgāthā 6.8: The Verses of Arahant Nun Vijayā (169-174)

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