Samyutta Nikaya
Kosala Saṁyutta

SN 3.3 Rāja Sutta

What do we really have in this life?

At the city of Sāvatthī…

Seated to one side, King Pasenadi said to the Buddha, “Bhante, does anybody who has been born, have anything other than aging and death?”

“Great king, for someone who has been born, there is nothing but aging and death. This is true even for famous kings, high caste people, or wealthy people who are rich, powerful, and prosperous. They have lots of gold and silver, lots of property and wealth, lots of money and possessions, yet for all of those who have been born, there’s nothing but aging and death.”

“Great king, there are enlightened monks who have removed completely all defilements, completed the spiritual journey, done what had to be done, laid down the burden of suffering, achieved their own goal, utterly ended the fetters of rebirth, and are rightly liberated through enlightenment. Even their bodies are liable to break up and be laid down.”

The Buddha:

“The fancy chariots of kings eventually wear out.
These human bodies too get old.
But noble virtues of grateful people never get old.
This was said by the Buddhas.”

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Saṁyutta Nikāya 3.3 Rāja Sutta: King

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