When we read the Buddha’s teachings, we may need to learn some new words. Here is the meaning of some of the words that may be new to you. If you are still unsure about a lot of words, you may want to install some dictionary software.

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  • bad destinations

    There are four bad destinations: the animal world, the asura world, the ghost world, and hell.
  • banyan tree

  • beryl

  • Bodhisatta

    Someone is a bodhisatta when they have decided in a previous life to become a fully enlightened Buddha in the future.
  • bodily misconduct

    1) killing 2) stealing 3) sexual misconduct
  • brahmā

    Brahmās are the highest kind of gods that experience pure happiness and have very subtle bodies. They live for an extremely long time.
  • Brahmin

    In the time of the Supreme Buddha brahmins were a group of people who focused on studying and practicing the Vedas, ancient texts. Many times, however, the Buddha referred to any one who had practiced his teachings fully and become liberated (Arahant) as a Brahmin.
  • burflower