When we read the Buddha’s teachings, we may need to learn some new words. Here is the meaning of some of the words that may be new to you. If you are still unsure about a lot of words, you may want to install some dictionary software.

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  • gandhabbas

    Gandhabbas are a type of heavenly musician.
  • ghee

    Ghee (ghata) is the oil part of milk, also called clarified butter.
  • goad

    A goad is a kind of stick used to control an animal. An ankus is a special goad for elephants.
  • going forth

    When someone goes forth, they become a monk or a nun.
  • golden hens

  • good destination

    The Buddha explained there are three good destinations: 1) human world 2) deva world, and brahma world.
  • Great Sage

    The Supreme Buddha
  • Great Seer

    The Supreme Buddha
  • guarding the doors of the sense faculties

    When we are careful about the way we use our eyes, ears nose, tongue, body, and mind, then we will be safe and happy. We do not allow defilements to enter our mind through our six senses.