When we read the Buddha’s teachings, we may need to learn some new words. Here is the meaning of some of the words that may be new to you. If you are still unsure about a lot of words, you may want to install some dictionary software.

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  • Mahari

  • Māra

    Māra is an evil spirit who tries to keep people from attaining enlightenment.
  • marks of a great man

    These are the 32 marks on the body of someone who will either become a Supreme Buddha or a Universal King. You can learn more about the Buddha Gotama's great marks in the Lakkhana Sutta.
  • mental misconduct

    thoughts of 1) greed 2) hatred 3) delusion
  • mentality and materiality

    (Pali: nāma-rūpa). Mentality is made up of feeling (vedanā) , perception(saññā), intention (cetanā), contact (phasso), & attention(manasikāro). Materiality is made up of the four great elements (cattāro mahābhūtā) and the form dependent on the four great elements.
  • merit

    The Supreme Buddha called all the good actions we do merit (puñña). The three main ways of collecting this kind of good karma are giving (dāna), ethical behaviour (sīla), and developing the mind (bhāvana).
  • monastic code

    The monastic code is a set of rules a Buddha gives for monks and nuns to follow.
  • mung

  • mustard seeds

  • myna-birds

  • myrobalan