When we read the Buddha’s teachings, we may need to learn some new words. Here is the meaning of some of the words that may be new to you. If you are still unsure about a lot of words, you may want to install some dictionary software.

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  • cat’s-eyes

    Cat's eye is a type of gemstone.
  • celibate

    When a person is celibate, they don’t do any kind of sexual activity.
  • chickpeas

  • chief disciple

    Every Supreme Buddha has two male chief disciples and two female chief disciples. Our Gautama Supreme Buddha’s two chief male disciples were Arahant Sāriputta and Arahant Mahamoggallāna. His two chief female disciples were Arahant Uppalavannā and Arahant Khemā.
  • clothes from Kāsi

    In the time of the Supreme Buddha, the city of Kāsi was famous for the most beautiful clothes, like Paris is today.
  • cluster fig

  • conceit

    When you are conceited, you think you are better than other people. Conceit also has a special meaning in the Dhamma.
  • conch

    A conch is a type of seashell that can be played as a musical instrument.
  • cowherd

    A cowherd is someone who looks after cows.
  • cycle of rebirth

    The Supreme Buddha understood that as long as we still have greed, hatred, and delusion when we die, we have to be reborn again. He called this saṁsāra, or the cycle of birth and death.